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Netherlee and Stamperland (Church of Scotland) is a registered Scottish charity (SC015303) and is administered in accordance with the terms of the Unitary Deed of Constitution of the Church of Scotland.  We are subject to the Acts and Regulations of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland.

At a local level our church essentially relies on volunteer effort.  The running of the church and its management is the responsibility of the members of the Kirk Session which is charged with looking after both the spiritual needs of the congregation and temporal affairs including management of the congregation's buildings and finances.  Membership of the Kirk Session comprises Elders and Associate Elders.  Elders of the church and are chosen from those members who are considered to have the appropriate gifts and skills, particularly in relation to spiritual matters.  Associate Elders are chosen from those members who are considered to have the appropriate gifts and skills, often in relation to matters pertaining to buildings and finance.      

The minister, is elected by the congregation and inducted by the Presbytery.  The minister is the Moderator (chairman) of the Kirk Session.  The Kirk Session meets around eight times a year; its meetings are normally "open" which means that any member of the public may attend. Occasionally, however, in relation to personal or sensitive issues, attendance may be restricted.  Minutes of Kirk Session meetings can be viewed here.    

All members of the church have an opportunity to be involved in the work of the church particularly by becoming members of one of the committees which report to the Kirk Session.  

A summary of the management structure is shown in this table.

Click for information on Committee Membership for the session 2023/24(*).

Click for Dates of Committee Meetings for the session 2023/24(*).

Click to see a Summary of the Sunday Morning Duty Rota for session 2023/24(*).


(*) IMPORTANT NOTE  The information in these links was correct in August 2023 but may have changed.  For up-to-date information please contact the Church Office or Session Clerk 


We are committed to the principles of openness, probity and accountability.  In line with that commitment we expect anyone who has a serious concern about any aspect of our congregational life to voice those concerns in good faith without fear of victimisation, subsequent discrimination or disadvantage.  Our policy on whistleblowing provides procedures which enable concerns to be raised if there are reasonable grounds for believing there is serious malpractice occurring or likely to occur.  Our policy applies to all employees, contractors, consultants, temporary casual and agency workers within the congregation and the word “employee” is used in this policy to cover all such individuals. It also applies to members and adherents of the congregation. Matters of concern should be raised responsibly through the procedures and guidance as detailed in this policy.  You can read our Policy and Procedures document by clicking this link.


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