Netherlee Parish Church was officially registered as an Eco-congregation – the first church in East Renfrewshire to win such an award. Our coordinator Sheena Wurthman spearheaded the campaign, arranging many green activities, along with an independent audit to show us how well we were doing – and where we could still do better.

NEWS - JUNE 2021


Clarkston Churches Together is holding a series of on-line study sessions which will focus on our global environment. The study sessions will look at a wide range of issues and will touch on themes related to the upcoming COP26 in November.

There will be five, weekly, on-line sessions starting in early June.

Each week there will be three opportunities to participate in a session

on a Sunday evening, a Tuesday morning or a Thursday afternoon.

If you are interested in participating, please e-mail our minister Scott Blythe -

Our two churches take our environmental responsibilities seriously.

We heat our churches using modern, efficient gas boilers. 

Our buildings are zoned and only areas which are occupied are heated. 

Many of our radiators are thermostatically controlled.  

Most of the lights in our buildings are fitted with LED bulbs which minimises

electrical power consumption.

Many of our windows are double glazed to minimise heat loss

Recycling bins are located throughout the church premises and we actively

seek to minimise waste and promote recycling.  

Our church grounds have a lot of "soft landscaping" which minimises the volume

of rainwater we discharge into the sewer and drainage system.