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As part of the Church of Scotland we support and are involved in the work which the Church of Scotland undertakes throughout Scotland.   


The Church of Scotland is one of the largest organisations in Scotland. It has over 330,000 members, with more regularly involved in local congregations and our work.  There are around 800 ministers serving in parishes and chaplaincies throughout the country, supported by more than 2,000 professional and administrative staff.  CrossReach, a key organisation within the Church of Scotland is one of the largest providers of care in Scotland with specialist care services for adults, families and young people.  The regular offerings and donations made by all Church of Scotland members support this caring work.


We also support organisations such as Poppy Scotland,  Erskine Home, CHAS with regular donations as well as various charities and good causes.  After each of our main Communion Services and our Harvest Thanksgiving Service we provide members with an opportunity to make an offering to a “good cause”.  We try to make sure that we alternate our donations between giving to overseas charities and home charities.  

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