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Our Parish - Netherlee and Stamperland

Map circa 1795 centred.jpg

In the medieval era, the area now covered by our parish was known as the Lands of Lee, centred on Lee Castle.  The small hill on which the castle stood is now the small park behind Netherlee Post Office.  In the 15th century, the Lands of Lee were split up into Netherlee, Midlee and Overlee.  Whilst the names Netherlee and Overlee remain, Midlee has disappeared and has been replaced by Stamperland.  More .....


The 1795 map (left) shows a “coal work” just north of Stamperland.  Though not shown on the map it is understood that the original hamlet of Netherlee developed in connection with a paper mill which was opened on the western bank of the White Cart around 1700. In the 1830s the mill became a calico printworks, which provided the main source of employment in the area until the 1880s. Stamperland remained largely agricultural until the early 20th century

The early years of the 20th century saw the first phase of building work with housing first appearing along Clarkston Road from Muirend to Clarkston and then in residential streets leading off the main road.  By the mid-1930s Netherlee was mostly as it is today. The houses in Stamperland were largely completed a decade later.

Netherlee Church was founded in 1928.  Initially, it was a “Hall Church” with services held in what is now the Large Hall.  The current sanctuary is built of Dumfriesshire sandstone and was formally opened in June 1934.    More...

Stamperland Church was founded in 1940 with the initial services taking place in a shop in Stamperland Crescent whilst the “Hall Church” was being constructed.  A year later the hall church was completed.  The current sanctuary was opened in 1964.   More...

With around thirty shops and only a few industrial premises our parish is essentially residential.  Incorporating several parks, open spaces and a golf course it enjoys a lot of greenspace.  The Church of Scotland has used information from the 2011 census to give an overview of the demographics of population and you can view the demographic information by clicking this link.

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