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As a church and congregation we are committed to providing a safe environment for all who attend worship or meetings or events of any kind in our church premises and grounds.  

We endeavour to ensure that our building, facilities and equipment are maintained so as to ensure physical safety of those in the building or grounds.   Members of the Fabric committee are responsible for ensuring the safety in relation to the building, its contents and its services - gas, electricity and water- and precautions in relation to fire.  This includes periodic, independent, third-party inspections and certifications of gas systems, electrical systems, fire systems, alarm systems, etc..

We are involved with catering.  This can range from serving cups of tea and coffee with a biscuit through soup and sandwiches to thre-course lunches and dinners.  Food hygiene is important and we have co-ordinators responsible for overseeing food hygiene.  Our kitchen areas are inspected annually by the Local Authority to ensure compliance with specified standards.


We have a Health and Safety Co-ordinator who is is responsible for checking that everything is in "good order". 

The co-ordinator serves as a point of contact for anyone with concerns regarding safety of the building or procedures. The co-ordinator is required to report any concerns to the Kirk Session whose members are obligated to investigate and rectify any issues raised.  

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