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We are part of the Church of Scotland. 

The Church of Scotland has over 400,000 members. 

Most of our parishes are in Scotland, but we have also churches in England, Europe and overseas.

As part of the Church of Scotland,

Netherlee and Stamperland Church is committed to

worshipping God, as Father, Son and Holy Spirit. 

We are a church that seeks always to find new ways to love God and our neighbours.

Within this mission we aim to:

  • Be a place providing regular worship to God

  • Provide a welcoming space for all who are isolated or alone in our parish

  • Identify new projects that serve our community with love,

e.g. Monday Lunch Club, etc.

  • Provide a space for groups in the Community to meet

  • Develop new ways of working with families throughout the parish

  • Develop new methods of aiding Pastoral Care within our Community​



Our Church and Halls are located at the junction of Ormonde Avenue and Ormonde Crescent. 

Our post code is G44 3SL.   

There is generally car parking available within a few hundred yards of the building.

There is level, step-free access to the church and hall accommodation. 

Within our accommodation most halls have step-free access and there are DDA compliant toilet facilities

and baby-change areas.     

The main entrance to the church is via a significant number of steps.  The handrails are not continuous and it is recommended that you do not use this access unless you are fit and have good balance. 

The hall entrance on Ormonde Avenue is the most-used entrance.  It has a few steps but has continuous handrails.  There is a doorbell at this entrance. This entrance is generally available whenever there are events or meetings in the church. 

There is step-free access to the church and hall accommodation at the west end of the building.  Access is from Ormonde Crescent.  This access is controlled by a gate.  The gate is normally open on Sunday mornings.  The gate may be opened by request - use the hall door or bell to contact an appropriate persson.   

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