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As a parish church our immediate focus is on those living within our local communities of Netherlee and Stamperland.  As part of the Church of Scotland we also have involvement which is beyond our local community, and stretches not just throughout Glasgow but also throughout Scotland and, indeed, worldwide.  Our church, along with many of the churches in the Clarkston area, is a member of Clarkston Churches Together (CCT) and, together, we support local activities and initiatives.  

This website will help you find information about the many activities which take place in our churches and how we seek to support our various communities.  However, a better way of finding out is to come along and see for yourself exactly what we do whether this is at a Sunday or other worship service, at a fun event or a lecture, at  a concert or at a regular meeting of some of the groups we support.  We extend a hand of friendship to you all.

We seek to serve in a variety of ways.  We may seek to spend personal time and effort assisting with particular groups.  We may organise fund-raising events to support specific causes.  We may decide to offer financial support or make donations, for example, of household goods for Stater Packs, of items of food for foodbanks, of backpacks filled with clothes, toys and educational material for organisations such as Mary's Meals. 

Our church has several funds which are used to provide financial support to various groups, individuals or projects.  The funds, their purposes and details of how to apply for funding support are described here

Click on a link below to find more information on specific areas.

Serving our parish

Serving our city

Serving Scotland

Serving the wider world 

Funding for projects and causes

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