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The sanctuary at Stamperland is 25 metres wide and 16 metres long and provides seating for over 500 adults.  The sanctuary floor is on a slight rake and the chancel is slightly raised so that there are good sightlines from all pew seats. The chancel area is approximately 13 metres wide and almost four metres deep.   

All of the chancel furniture (communion table, lectern, font and even pulpit) can be moved to leave an extensive open space.  This provides an environment for different forms of worship and the space is well-suited for performances by choirs, orchestras, theatre groups, etc.. 


Stamperland church offers a wide range of hall accommodation ranging from

the Large Hall which will accommodate over 200 people seated

and three smaller halls each able to accommodate up to 40 or 50 people. 

We also have rooms which are ideal for small groups or

informal meetings of between two and ten people.  

WiFi is available throughout most of the hall accommodation.

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