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Stamperland Church Organ

The pipe organ at Stamperland Church was built by Lewis & Co Ltd. in 1897.  It was previously installed in Regent Place Church, Dennistoun, Glasgow and was transferred to Stamperland in 1962 where it was installed by James Mackenzie and recommissioned in 1964. 

Prior to the sale of Stamperland church in September 2022 the organ was removed by O'Donovan Organs (an organ builder based in Cork, Ireland).  It is planned that the organ will be refurbished prior to its installation in the rather splendid Church of the Immaculate Conception in Clonakilty.  

The Lewis pipe organ was awarded a Historic Organ Certificate Grade II* by the British Institute of Organ Studies in January 2017 in recognition of its importance to the national heritage as a significant, surviving example of Lewis & Co's late 19th century output to a design of Alfred Hollins and retaining the original patent combination key-touches.   1897 was a significant year in the history of Lewis & Co and was the year in which the great organ of Southwark Cathedral was built.  The Stamperland organ would have been under construction in the same workshop and at the same time as the cathedral instrument.   Four years later, two of the great organs in Glasgow - the instrument in the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and the instrument in the Bute Hall at Glasgow University -  were built by Lewis & Co.

The British Institute of Organ Studies Grade has various grades of Historic Organ certificate. 

  • Grade I is for an organ of exceptional interest.

  • Grade II* is for particularly important organs of more than special interest.

  • Grade II is for organs of special interest, warranting every effort to preserve them.

It is apparent that our Lewis organ is of national importance and that we should

seek to ensure it is maintained in good condition.

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