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The photographs below show ariel views of Netherlee Church and Halls.  

Sanctuary 1.jpg

The main sanctuary is an impressive space with an interior finish of dressed red sandstone, high ceiling, stained glass windows and oak woodwork.  The sanctuary has pew seats for approximately 600 adults.


The building has an excellent acoustic for musical performances including organ, choir and orchestral groups.

Adjacent to the main sanctuary is the "lesser sanctuary".  This provides a more intimate space for worship, meetings, etc. and accommodates up to 50 people.  


You can download the booklet "A walk round Netherlee Church" which describes many of the church's key architectural features. 

The hall accommodation comprises the following:

Main Hall   17m long and 9m wide

Small Hall    11m long and 6m wide

Upper Hall    11m long and 5 m wide

There is a large, modern "commercial kitchen" with facilities for preparing a wide range of hot food. 


Main Hall


Upper Hall


Small Hall

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